Will pokerus spread in pc box

will pokerus spread in pc box

And I have just noticed 3/5 of my Pokemons have The pokerus?
To give Pokérus to friends, just give them a Pokérus-infected pokémon, or have them trade you a pokémon to infect.
There are slot machine selber programmieren many Pokémon communities online that have members that will spread Pokerus.
Warnings You won't have it forever.How do I know if my Pokémon has Pokérus?3, do about 5 battles.The virus is about three times as rare.M/gallery/FRaSI, edits:Thanks guys for the infos!It's rare to get it in the wild, but it's easy to come by now that online trading is so easily accessible.After the game's clock goes to midnight 1-4 times, the Pokémon will be cured.4, check the status screen of the Pokémon you are trying to infect.For example, Rattata provides 1 Speed EV when defeated, so a pokémon who helps defeat a Rattata will get one hidden bonus point to its speed stat.To get Pokérus by fighting, it is not enough to just encounter a wild pokémon who has Pokérus and then kartenspiele wie hearthstone run away; you have to actually defeat.You can try switching around the Pokemon to make sure it spreads quickly.Pokerus is available from 3rd generation onward, so you can get it in Leaf Green and Ruby.Question, can I get it in Omega Ruby too?This way, you will have infected 5 Pokemon in 2 or more battles without going to a PC in the meantime.
Tips When the game clock reaches midnight, all Pokémon in your party infected with Pokerus will be cured.
Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the wild pokémon has Pokérus.
Pokérus is a rare but beneficial virus that your pokémon can catch.
To do this, the pokémon with Pokérus must be in your active party.
Basically, you put the one infected Pokemon in any slot, battle until it spreads Pokerus, then put two infected Pokemon in slots 2 and 5 and battle until it spreads again.
Especially early in the game, though, it might be worth it to maximize spreads per PokeCenter travel rather than spreads per battle.
When cured, it can no longer spread to other Pokémon.Putting the Pokémon in the pc box or daycare before midnight will allow the Pokérus to continue to infect your Pokémon.I've never heard of nor experienced a case of Pokerus spreading further than one Pokemon per battle, although it does always spread in both directions if possible.Unanswered Questions, also there is another way to know you have it revive your Pokemon at a Pokemon center and then the lady at the counter will say that your Pokemon have it but she only tells you once in the game?References Did this article help you?Answer this question, flag.Question, will this work in older games like Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green?However, having another status ailment at the same time as having Pokérus doesn't eliminate the Pokérus.

This trades off visits to the PC with additional battles, so it's slower if you have access to a PC near tall grass (the PC in the day care is good for this purpose in most games).
In order to spread the virus, keep the infected Pokemon in your party around non-infected Pokemon, and start a few battles.
Therefore, the overall effect of Pokérus is: pokémon who have had Pokérus will have larger stat increases when they level.