What is kensington microsaver lock slot

what is kensington microsaver lock slot

The magnetic pen tray helps minimize the profile of the display and provides easy access to the pen when needed.
Connectivity features, simple installation Connect your computer, smart Podium and projector using USB and a DVI, hdmi or VGA cable, so all devices will display the same image simultaneously.
The J4 has a unique metal magnetic latch locking mechanism that connects the latch to the notebook unit when the lid is almost closed.Because your lesson material is in front of you and displayed on a large screen, you won't need to turn away from your students or become distracted by a computer and mouse.Next, prev, built for flexibility, the interactive pen display connects to your computer, so you can interact with media-rich content on a high-definition (HD) widescreen display and project your work onto a large screen or interactive whiteboard so everyone can see.Elegant design, designed in the same aesthetic tones as the smart Board 8070i interactive display, the 500 series features a slim profile, minimized bezel and reduced overall footprint.High-speed USB.0 ports Access three high-speed USB.0 ports to connect peripherals like a USB drive, document camera or personal mobile device.Maintain a private view of your presentation material, including all slides and speaking notes, while controlling what your audience sees on the screen, interactive whiteboard or display.WinBook has gone the extra mile to keep the J4 well vented, as there are vents all over this system to keep it running cool.Support features Two-year limited warranty Receive a two-year limited warranty on your smart Podium that includes access to technical support by phone, e-mail, live online chat or online documentation.A view of the front of the WinBook.A fourth USB.0 on the rear connection panel is provided to connect a computer.Smart Notebook software also enables you to e-mail saved files to students or colleagues at any time during your presentation.A close-up look at the keyboard of the WinBook.Integration with other smart products.It can connect to your computer and projector by DVI, hdmi or VGA.You can also save digital notes directly into several software applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel, best casino near munich Adobe Acrobat and AutoCAD software.The keyboard action was crisp and had nice travel with a good key size.
Security features USB disabling Prevent unauthorized USB data transfers by mechanically disabling the USB port functionality.
With all your instructional materials at your fingertips, you can save any notes or content you write during the presentation and share them later with your students.
The software is integrated with the 500 series.Integration with Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter view.The interactive pen display has flexible scaling options to support 16:10 and 4:3 resolutions.You can instantly bring images, videos and Flash objects into your material, either from smart Notebook software's Gallery or from your own files.It can add flexibility to rooms already equipped with.It's all in the details, available in widescreen 18" (47 cm) or 24" (61 cm) displays, with a native 16:9 widescreen resolution, the 500 series is ideal for displaying and manipulating HD material in fine detail.The smart Podium also complements smart Board interactive whiteboards and displays, giving you the choice to sit or stand and face the group while you interact with content.Notes and multimedia nieuw sloten parkeren can be saved as objects that can be manipulated, reorganized and reused.Vesa mounting plate Use the vesa standard 2 15/16" x 2 15/16" (75 x 75 mm) mounting plate to install smart Podium on third-party mounting arms or furniture.Again, there are more vents on this side of the notebook, too, to dissipate heat buildup.

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The J4 offers a keyboard that we would consider to be slightly above average, but still far from the over-the-top performance offered by the IBM A31p that we reviewed earlier this year.