Poke it out

poke it out

(Grapevine) These little musty bitches thinkin' they can take mine (Take palace station hotel & casino las vegas mine) You bitches' chances lookin' slimmer than my waistline (Waistline) Man, that shit been over since play time (Play time) Watch flooded, ho, I can't even face time (Face time) You bitches gotta face.
Poke it out (Poke it out, poke it out, poke it out).#bob #top #tim #alla #bin laden #tuna by, bobby Knobi, february 01, 2010.Told the lil' bitch to come see me now (Walk it out).Verse 1: Playboi Carti, lotto toto bielefeld öffnungszeiten all of these bitches want Carti now,.Poke it out, poke it out (Woah).Bad bitch, poke it out, poke it out, poke it out (Bitch).Chorus: Playboi Carti, iced up, ice watch, ice watch.Fucked that lil' bitch with the titties out (Poke it out).All of my bitches, they thotties now (Ioh).Bad bitch, bad bitch, ass fat,.
House in the hills (Ooh, yeah).
Air it out, air it out, showin' off, showin' off.
Chorus: Playboi Carti, ice watch, ice watch, woah, woah Bad bitch, poke it out, poke it out, poke it out (Woah) Bad bitch, poke it out, poke it out, poke it out (Bitch) Fat ass, poke it out, poke it out, poke it out New.
Ass fat, uh, matter of fact This that here, bitch that here, get that here, uh, uh Double back, quarterback, runnin' back, uh Play girl, laid back, they back, take that All of my buddies on ten (ten all of my moneys in Yen (Yen).Times) Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck I just heard through the grapevine?Bad bitch, bad bitch, ass fat, uh, what.Carti be lookin' like billionaire (Woo).Nicki Minaj, poke It Out (ft.All of my bitches, they gettin' it (Poke it out).

Top definition, poke it out unknown, when sitting down on a stool naked, you start rocking back and forth and as you rock back and forth, your ass cheeks start spreading open revealing your asshole as you thrust backward and as you thrust forward, your.
All of these bitches wanna see me now (Walk it out).
And I go get it (Poke it out).