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One classroom scene, with the students reciting the laws of reflection and refraction.
The answer is twenty".Later, Natalia quizzes Ryan about his aim to accumulate flier miles.In one scene casino online spielen ohne anmeldung 64 he does the day of birth trick.A little algebra when he's not thus occupied.Son of Sinbad (1955) imdb * Vincent Price is an improbable Omar Khayyam.Last Year at Marienbad (L'Année dernière à Marienbad) (1961) imdb * Pretentious movie using the mathematical game of Nim in a pretentious and absurd manner.A times B times C equals.Andy fantasises having sex during a maths class with his teacher,.A hot cross bun sign." Clips on our maths clips page.
The Day of the Beast (El Dia de la Bestia) (1995) imdb * The three heroes are trying to piece together a message from the devil consisting of a some letters written on individual pieces of paper: "My God." "There are hundreds of combinations." "Thousands.
Archimedes uses a compass (?) to design his ship-burning mirrors.
Believers (2007) (TV) imdb * A movie about a loony cult, whose leader think a PDE and killing themselves will save them from the end of the world.
October Sky (1999) imdb * A kid in a coal mining community wants to become a rocket scientist.
A Man Called Intrepid (1979) (TV) imdb * Two characters talk about the Enigma machine.
He hides out at a boy's school, where spielautomaten online kostenlos ohne anmeldung a blackboard indicates he teaches (x1 x2) (x1 x (x1.Calhamer Diskwars, Sammelkartenspiel von Tom Jolly und Christian.Buck Privates (1941) imdb * Abbott and Costello have some hilarious math-based routines.One maths scene, calculating areas cut off by straight lines.Rossi Mysterium, kooperatives Deduktionsspiel Nacht der Magier, Brettspiel von Kirsten Becker und Jens-Peter Schliemann Nackter Spatz ( Spatz, Gefiederter Spatz einfaches Würfelspiel mit einem Würfel Nain Jaune, Kartenspiel nasa-Weltraumspiel, Plan- und Rollenspiel Naschi Waschi, Kartenglücksspiel, siehe Stoß Navia Dratp, moderne Schachvariante mit Fantasy-Elementen Neoclassical Chess.Never Been Kissed (1999) imdb * Very catchy mathsy song is playing while we see The Denominators, members of a maths club, in maths action.I mean I'm not a mathematician, but like another 2 years, or some shit, I think." He's out by 16 months.The New Math(s) (1997) (TV) imdb * Totally incomprehensible Hal Hartley short.When he's not playing with a supercomputer, he's asking his son Timmie painful questions on fractions: "how many twenty-fourths are there in one and a quarter?" "Three?Mozart and the Whale (2005) imdb A charming romantic movie about two people with Asperger's syndrome, one with strong mathematical abilities.It includes a very funny scene, where the professor tests a waitress's memory by ordering a complicated pizza with mutliple toppings, substitutions and a rotation.Bullshot (1983) imdb * How to hunt: "By rapidly calculating the pigeon's angle of elevation in the reflection of your monocle, then subtracting the refractive index of its lens, I positioned myself at a complementary axis and fired." And a dumb blonde recalls a formula.

He correctly calculates the necessary speed to be about 96 kilometers per hour, but seemingly underestimated the width of the river.
A little probability and arithmetic.
Various scenes with snapshots of exams and maths texts.