Hh poker hands

hh poker hands

It has a very premium, luxurious feel.
Recommended for all those who like flakes of this style.
I might have to update this review after having experimented a bit more with this tobacco, if I learn how to domesticate the second half of the bowl into a more reliable smoke.
Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Emeritus Account (28690) Medium Extremely Mild Medium Pleasant As others have written, Mac Baren has fallen short of its promise many, many times.While all of the HH mixtures are wonderful, this has a special quality that makes it an instant classic.Sporadically I taste a faint hint of what reminds me of marzipan.Now that's it warming up, I'm looking forward to spending the warmer months with my pipes and ODF close.I've smoked hundreds of tobaccos and this is now in my Top 5 of currently produced blends.Pipe Used: Various Peterson's and Stanwells Age When Smoked: Fresh from tin 1 person found this review helpful.It has a strong Virginian smell and a quite meak Burley one.My hat goes off to the blenders at Mac Barens for introducing such a winner.The sweet flavour comes and goes, and I would describe it as a subtle mix of vinegar and honey, or something similar; an unusual taste anyway.As it aged some, I can make out the sugar crystals starting to form on the flakes.The amazing Kentucky was less forthright, the Virginia sweetness that surprised me based on the tin / bag bing bunny episodes smell isn't quite as pleasant, and the cigar bitter character is twice as strong when choosing the flake.Yes it has a good dose of N, but not as much as the deep, Guinness Stout like flavor would indicate.ODF is probably the most popular blend Mac Baren currently makes.For rum, Gosling Dark Seal.
Evidently, 8 months ago I had decided to try it, bought a tin, and promptly forgot about.
Although it does light off a little easier that way.
After having read all of the reviews for Mac Barens HH Old Dark Fired, I bought two pounds of the stuff straight-away.
The taste is full, but not overwhelming.
It gives off a chocolatey nutty taste, but not in the cheap topped aromatic sense.
A good robust smoke!
Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Little Steven (76) Medium Mild to Medium Medium Unnoticeable This is Massey Ferguson axle grease mixed with vinager.Available in bulk ready rubbed, which is not my first choice, but a great bargain.A deep brown flake, with slightly more bright spots (which are the Virignas) than the Bold Kentucky.The VAs are sweet and work very well with the smoke and spice.Enable Voting on Next Action : lotto toto augsburg Yes No, poker Hand Replays 244 5th Avenue, # J-229, new York, NY 10001.