Great wall slot

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Must be built on flat land adjacent to a Campus district with a Library." Colosseum Requires : Games and Recreation civic Base Cost : 400 production Yield : 2 Culture, 3 Amenities from entertainment "The Colosseum's Culture and Amenities are extended to each city center.
Can't be built on a Hill.
Amphitheater, Museum, Broadcast Center Festival (Culture GAP, GWP, GMP) Aqueduct Engineering 2 or 6 Housing Industrial Zone Apprenticeship 1 Great Engineer ppt 2 Production Production: 1 Mine, Quarry; District 60 1 Workshop, Factory, Powerplant Logistics (Gold GEP) Neighborhood Urbanization (Housing) - -??" Ancient Walls Requires : Masonry Base Cost : 80 Production; Maintenance : 1 Gold 50 Outer Defense "Provides Walls around the City Center and Encampment district.Metre (1)Metre (2)Metre (3)Metre (4)Metre (5)Metre (6)Metre (7)Metre (8)Metre (9)Metre (10)Metre (11)Metre (12)Metre (13)Metre (14)Metre (15)Metre (16)Metre (17)Metre (18)Metre (19)Metre (20).Specialist Yields : 2 Culture Buildings : Amphitheater, Museum, Broadcast Center Notes : This is the district for culture buildings.A science district, which weve called a Campus, once constructed will allow you to put a library and a university and a research lab out on that tile.Must be built next to a river adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Bank." Hermitage Requires: Natural History: Base Cost: 1760 Production Yield: 3 Great Artist points, 4 Great Works of Art slots "Must be built adjacent to a River." Eiffel Tower Requires.1 Housing in all cities.Royal Navy Dockyard Notes : This is the English unique variant of the Harbor.Launching all three modules wins the Science Victory." Unidentified Buildings Castle Notes: This structure was seen in an American city center in one of the very early screenshots, and was seen in place of a Palace in the city-states in the early videos and screenshots.Outback Station Requires: Guilds Yield: 1 Production, 1 Food,.5 Housing.Faster Corps and Army training." Basilikoi Paides Notes: Macedonian unique building; replaces Barracks.
If the city center is captured, the entire city is captured.
Industrial Zone Requires : Apprenticeship Base Cost : 60 production; Maintenance : 1 Gold Adjacency : Standard Production bonus for each adjacent Mine or Quarry.
Must be built on Desert (Hills) terrain." Angkor Wat Requires: Medieval Faires "1 Population in all current cities when built.
The terrain a district is placed lotto online jak grac on may significant bonuses.
Allows the ability to airlift land units between Aerodrome districts with Airports after the Rapid Deployment civic is unlocked." Spaceport Requires: Rocketry Base Cost: 2000 production "A district that enables construction of city projects leading to the Science Victory.
Or some of the wonders end at night because theyre lit.Holds an elaborate festival which makes citizens more happy and helps uncover talented individuals.Must be built adjacent to a Commercial Hub district with a Market and adjacent to Cattle.So if Montezuma has a whole bunch how to find my pokes on facebook of fast-moving cavalry in his army, and he knows he's not going to be able to punch through a heavily defended city centre with walls, what he can do is bring those cavalry in and pillage my districts.Monument Yield: 2 Culture Cost: 50 production Granary Requires: Pottery 1 Food, 2 Housing Base Cost: 65 production Water Mill Requires : Wheel Base Cost : 80 production Yield : 1 Food, 1 Production Cost : 65 production "Rice and Wheat resources gain 1 Food.Everybody really liked those, and we got a lot of comments that they missed those as a reward for building Wonders.

Lavra Notes: Russian replacement for the Holy Site district.