Bing aerial imagery analyzer

Request 1 2 # The request goes into the URL of your browser #Response ImageryMetadata ImageUrl eg?
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Note that not all imagery is available at all zoom levels, so if you get gutes online casino 007 an error, try a different zoom level.This blog post How accurate are the recording dates for images in Microsoft Bing Maps?Google Earth image recorded on the.During my work, we are desperatly looking for free very high resolution imagery in NW Argentina, to document forest degradation and having on more options, beside Google Earth, would be terrific.It uses a PHP proxy script located here1 to create the transparent date overlay tiles.Optionally, enable logging to a specific file by setting local_LOG.Hopla, November 2013 (Vintage End but there is no sign of a bus express line!The image recording date is expressed in VintageStart and VintageEnd.The Bing Maps Documentation doesnt mention anything specific.
On the construction site, many materials can be seen in both pictures in the same place.
Google Earth image from December 1999 The Bing Image must have been record after December 1999 because the new forest track (red rectangle) exists already.
Apparently, Microsoft provides URL templates to get metadata for imagery that is hosted by Bing Maps.
This method requires you have a Bing Maps key, but you can get one for free.
Go to baseURL/bingimageanalyzer - should work now!
VintageEnd is the solution!?
Its just for myself to understand the possibilities or limitations of Bing Maps for my own project.The places in bold are parameters determined by you.I have been using the link provided.K.In the method section of the article it says: "The dates of the images were extracted from Google Earth and Microsoft Bing Maps using the API provided by each application." Myroslava Lesiv Characterizing the Spatial and Temporal Availability of Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery.I see no real way around this, but if this site stops working all of a sudden, you know why.At zoom level 13-19, we see the same image.

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Bing Maps rest Services API, a quick google search leads us to the.
Readme, bing Aerial Imagery Analyzer for OpenStreetMap.